I Want The Old Everything Back!

I Want The Old Everything Back!

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About KYMdb 2.0

The Internet is a stronghold of stability and permanence. Invariably, everything works perfectly and nothing ever changes. Apps never crash, status updates are never lost, and no one has ever accidentally the whole thing.

As anyone with the slightest interest in software or any of these website listed below would agree, Version 1.0 was, is and always will be the best thing ever made. But rather than stick with the tried and true wisdom that “self-improvement is practically the past tense of failure,” we’ve decided to redesign and relaunch the website on the same day, because Know Your Meme strives to fail hundred and thousand times, though ultimately towards improvement. Oh and the majority of KYM faculty around here have exceptionally fickle tendencies.

Best of Version 1.0

I Want the Old Google Back!

Google Analytics, Google Insights, Google Docs, Gmail… All of those are great stuff, but what about the clean and simple design that they abandoned in 1999? All of these new options make a person’s head spin!

I Want the Old Yahoo Back!

Yahoo’s design in 1996 was well ahead of its time. Never has a single website brought together so many useful utilities! Although they went against the grain by purchasing Geocities in 1999, it was that very investment that ensured that both sites would be around forever.

I Even Want the Old Microsoft Back!

Back in the day, Microsoft had a far better approach to customer service. They operated under a fundamental truth that still holds true today: people hate options. Microsoft knew back then that it was their duty to make that decision for the masses and make Internet Explorer the default standard web browser.

I Want The Old Facebook Back!

When Facebook rolled out new features like The Wall and tabs for profile pages in 2008, barely anyone noticed. Everything went better than expected. Obviously, this “Wall” feature never caught on, and it certainly didn’t influence our own profile pages in any way.

About two years later, Facebook launched another major overhaul to their layout, but this time there were signs of something more insidious just under the site’s interface.

By creating a Games dashboard to separate games from other applications, and further organizing notifications by type in the new toolbar on the left, many users began to suspect these so-called “new features” were really a failed terrorist plot to cause mass confusion and civil unrest.

That same month, ReadWriteWeb reported about Facebook Connect, but by simply using the phrase “Facebook login” in their article, many users assumed that ReadWriteWeb was the new Facebook. Both Facebook and RWW should have known that writing an article about Facebook will lead some users to think that they’re currently on Facebook.

I Want The Old Twitter Back!

Possibly the most stable website on the planet, Twitter is a shining example of how progress is just another word for entropy. To suggest otherwise would be as preposterous as claiming that there was some kind of a whale getting in the way of your tweets.

When Twitter released their new layout in September, there were those who’s feathers became understandably ruffled.

This was perhaps the greatest travesty since they changed their name from the much more efficient Twttr. As we all know, vwls nly slw ppl dwn.

I Want The Old Digg Back!

You might not have ever heard of Digg.com, but this scrappy little underdog proved that less is more when they made the decision to spare their users from becoming overwhelmed with options. By stripping out the hardly utilized (and never abused) “bury” button, Digg managed to decrease their traffic by 25% and restore their credibility as the voice of the underground. This is precisely why so many people are confused about Digg’s decision to restore the bury function.

Do You Want the KYMdb 1.0 Back?

Without question, Know Your Meme 1.0 was the pinnacle of user centric design. Little more than a Macrochan clone, all meme entries, whether well-informed or total nonsense were available on a level playing field. There was no messy Confirmation process, no Featured memes, and no Deadpool.

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