Browse eBay, See Boxxy. What do?

Browse eBay, See Boxxy. What do?

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Published Nov 28, 2010 at 05:39PM EST by AJ Mazur.

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Return of Boxxy

Last week, we witnessed the alleged return of Boxxy, a.k.a The Queen of /b/, to the internet with her Inuyasha Messenger Bag eBay auction. However, the heralding of the queen has not come without suspicion. Many message boards, including our own KYM forums, are questioning if the goddess is an impostor. We have collected some of the stronger theories so you may formulate your own opinion.


Some users have focused on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force t-shirt and the rainbow Nike shoes worn in the eBay and Unichan pictures. These articles have supposedly been spotted before in past Boxxy pictures and videos. The shoes have been identified as the Nike Dunk Low GS Rainbow edition and were sold by Nike over two years ago and available only in kid’s sizes.


Photo-facial comparisons were made with past and present Boxxy pictures. What’s consistent in both images are a scar present on the chin and a birthmark dubbed the “triforce” on her left cheek. On the other hand, there is an inconsistency with a previously never-seen scar above the right eye, as depicted in the latest Unichan pictures.


Some internet detectives seem to have pinpointed Boxxy’s house on Google Maps and compared elements in the un-cropped bag pose picture with the neighborhood surroundings. We won’t post any detailed pictures nor shall we reveal any addresses, but be assured it seems plausible.

Photoshop Analysis

Using a method called error level analysis, it is possible to determine whether any parts of an image were photoshopped based around errors inherent in the saved file. The more illuminated the part of a picture is, the higher the odds that it has been manipulated. In the picture above, we can see that the entire sign has been clearly manipulated, but everything else appears legitimately constructed. The same holds true for all of the other pictures utilizing signs.

eBay Account

The Ebay account has been used before but has varied history. Past purchases under the account include postcards, a Catcher in the Rye keychain, a copy of Harold and Maude on VHS, and a pair of size 3 kid’s shoes. It is possible that this is a family account. The account name has the same alpha characters present in the photoshopped sign with the Paypal email account dated on November 18th.

Is It For Real?

So what can we conclude from all of this? The evidence is varied for both sides of the argument but there is one thing we know for certain: photoshopping is in fact present in some vital areas of these pictures.

The auction was voluntarily taken down the night of the 22nd but was later relisted with a Buy It Now of $25,000, and someone bought it with their infinite wealth and love! So now the bar has been set, we wait to see if the buyer and seller do good on their respective deals. Is someone actually willing to put down the money? Is the seller actually Boxxy and will do good on her word? Is this one of the most infamous trolls ever? Until this drama completely unfolds, the legions of Boxxy fans lay in wait, wishing, hoping, dreaming…

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