KYM 2.0 Features Explained

KYM 2.0 Features Explained

Published Nov 20, 2010 at 09:57AM EST by Don.  

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Ladies & Gentlemen, your shipment of KYM Database 2.0 has finally arrived! If you’re returning from an interweb hiatus, you’ve probably noticed some changes and new additions to the site, starting with our new homepage. For your convenience, here’s a quick rundown of the new features and sections. And once again, a million thanks goes out to all of you guize for providing criticism, suggestions and tips!

Homepage Newsfeed

Know Your Meme’s Homepage now features a newsfeed section highlighting the latest scoops on viral media, trending topics as well as forum discussions and meme entries written by our community members and editorial staff. For the sake of easy sorting & viewing purposes, a good portion of newsfeed posts will be accompanied by the following category badges:

Indicates that an existing meme entry has been updated with follow-up info.

Image or video going viral right now.

Represents topics that are being discussed with frequency.

Brings attention to one of the best derivatives associated with a particular meme.

Showcases excellent examples of quality meme entries submitted by members.

A call to action for user quests, collaboration, contributions, posts with missing information.

Single meme analysis and compilation of notable meme instances

Behind the scenes at the Institute for Internet Studies.

Internet Scientists analyzing your favorite memes.

Community-related updates & announcements.

Special projects including more in-depth analysis, infographics, interviews and more.

Other Homepage Features

Highlights Bar showcases three recommended readings curated by the editorial staff.

Also Trending lists the most viewed meme entries in KYM database, updated frequently.

Trending Topics lists the hottest discussion threads in KYM forums, updated frequently.

Viewcounts show real-time stats on meme entries, blog posts, discussion threads and more!

Editorial Blog

Yet another great addition to KYM 2.0 is the new editorial section, which will provide a variety of readings, such as in-depth analysis, op-eds and reviews of memes and internet cultures at large. You can also catch the latest editorial posts through our Tumblr blog here!

Video Uploads

Similar to adding images, KYM researchers can now upload related videos directly to the entry by using the “Add Video” button in the meme entry or under the video stream section. Powered by Magma, this feature will allow a grid view for video embeds in the entry, rather than a long, cluttered list view of videos that often slow down the pageload.

*Note: There may be some unresolved issues with posting certain types of embed codes; please refer to this discussion thread for more information on the upcoming video bookmarking projects.

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