KYM Sculpture Contest: Results!

KYM Sculpture Contest: Results!

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Honorable Mentions

Before we introduce the honorable mentions of top-quality submissions, we’d like to add a note that the judging process for this contest was quite a challenge, due to the overall excellence of entries submitted by talented folks. Here are some of the submissions that didn’t make the final three, but they’re nevertheless very excellent and equally worthy of attention and praise. So… hats off to you all!

1. Nannerpuss and Friends

Artist: Mellow
Subject Meme: Nannerpuss

Artist’s Comments:

“Made the pancakes, banana, and berries(?) out of scraps, old shirts and googly eyes. That’s about it. Everything is handcrafted, sewed, and stuffed, except the plate and turtle hanging out behind the pancakes.”

2. Creeping Mudkipz

Artist: AXiS
Subject Meme: Minecraft Creeper + Herd U Like Mudkipz

Artist’s Comments:

“Creepers gonna creep. and/or be mudkipz. wat do?
Materials: layered foam, paper, and tissue paper on giant brown cardstock thing
My sculpture rules because i made it.”

3. Yaranaika?

Artist: sirenofchaos432
Subject Meme: Yaranaika?

Artist’s Comments:

“It is a SFW [safe-for-work] plasticine sculpture of Takakazu Abe.”

4. LOLOL Guy

Artist: NachozRLife
Subject Meme: LOL Guy Tumblr

Artist’s Comments:

“I decided to make a clay sculpture of the LOLOL guy. I made him out of modeling clay.”

5. Tuzki

Artist: Ogreenworld
Subject Meme: Tuzki

Artist’s Comments:

"It’s a snow sculpture of Tuzki, using grass blades for the eyes.

I like it."

6. Companion Cube

Artist: Stoffe
Subject Meme: Portal / Companion Cube

Artist’s Comments:

“The Companion cube (made with 1337 origami skillz and a printer)”

7. “Milddi” As in Milhouse & Puddi

Artist: mechamega
Subject Meme: Milhouse is Not a Meme + Puddi Puddi

Artist Comments:

“Our concept is Milddi: Milhouse + Puddi = Ceci n’est pas une puddi. It also features a Chris Hansen + Pedobear Oroboros, a Milhouse Custom DBZ Scouter, a keyboard, and a griffin slowpoke tail. Also, we made it out of a mini christmas tree in the spirit of the holidays + Jesus is the original meme.”

KYM Contest Winners

And now, here are the final three entries that stood out as the most bodacious and triumphant artworks submitted by KYM contestants! We’d like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do and let’s have an even more successful showing for the next community building contest!

3rd Place: Bunchie

Artist: : Lumity
Subject Meme: Bunchie

Artist’s Comments:

“The sculpture is made of fimo clay, toothpicks, & acrylic paint. It rules because, well, look at it. It’s freaking adorable and/or awesome.”

2nd Place: Brother Sharp

Artist: Brother Sharp
Subject Meme: Brother Sharp

Artist’s Comments:

“Kick Ass Brother Sharp Sculpture.”

You can see more images and the video they made at

1st Place: A Portrait in Lividity

Artist: everfalling
Subject Meme: Rage Guy

Artist’s Comments:

"This was part of my bronze class this semester. It’s a bust based off the 3D render by SLiD3 which was itself based off a 2D stylization of the classic Rage Face meme.

How it was made: It was first made in Plastilina clay, molded in rubber, then cast in wax for the bronze pour. It’s 9" tall and weighs 19 pounds. The patina used is a basic liver of sulfur wash which was then scrubbed back for the highlights."

You can see the whole process in everfalling’s flickr set

Submission Pool via Flickr

For more pictures of originals artworks submitted by the winners & runner-ups, please check out the official flickr set for KYM Sculpture Contest.

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