Learn Your Memes with the Alphabet!

Learn Your Memes with the Alphabet!

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Molly’s List of Memes

A is for Advice Dog;

Bis for Boxxy;

C is for C-C-C-Combo Breaker;

D is for Dog Fort;

E is for I made you a cookie but I EATED it;

F is for Forever Alone;

G is for Giga PUDDI;

H is for Heads in the Freezer;

I is for the INTERNET is leaking;

J is for Jumping Mona Lisa;

K is for KTHXBAI;

L is for the Lying Down Game;

M is for Maru the Cat;

N is for Nintendo Car;

O is for OH NOES;

P is for Philosoraptor;

Q is for Dude, You Have No QURAN;

R is for Reaction Faces;

S is for Spock’s fascinating supercut;

T is for This is why we can’t have nice things;

U is for U Jelly?;

V is for literal music VIDEOS;

W is for lolWUT;

X is for Exploitables;

Y is for Your Argument is Invalid;

Z is for Zazazazazaza

…and there you go ladies and gents, all the memes you can fit into the English alphabet!

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