MemeFight: Round One

MemeFight: Round One

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MemeFight: How It Works

G4’s Attack of the Show presents MemeFight, a month-long battle of Internet memes! The first-round battles were carefully chosen from a list of over 200 well-known Internet memes and reviewed by the special panel of 16 experts, including the research staff at Know Your Meme! After compiling the panelists’ picks, the top 32 choices were averaged and weighted in rankings from 1 – 32.

For more on the voting process and the panelists, visit the MemeFight homepage!

Battle 1: Rick Roll vs. Evil Bert

Saddle up for this battle between an old friend gone bad and a bad musician who just won’t go away. It’s pure evil in Muppet form vs. Rick Astley, about whom we know one and only one thing…he will never give up. Let the battle begin!

Battle 2: Lolcats vs. Om Nom Nom Nom

Two of the great loves of the internet, cats and food, clash in this epic battle between those komic kitties that make Lolcats and the delicious demon that is Om Nom Nom. Drop the puck!

Battle 3: Keyboard Cat vs. Numa Numa

Here we go, folks! It’s the fluffy feline who tickles the ivories with his paws vs. pudgy Gary and his exuberant Moldavian groove. It’s the one and only Keyboard Cat vs. Numa Numa. Musical battle! Go!

Battle 4: Leeroy Jenkins vs. Trololo

Two mavericks match up in this meme massacre featuring the come-what-may daredevil himself, Mr. Leeroy Jenkins vs. the Eastern European soft pop pariah, Mr. Trololol.

Battle 5: It’s A Trap! vs. Epic Fail

These two memes have more in common than one might think. They’re both about impending doom. As a matter of fact, if the Epic Fail victims had listened to Ackbar’s advice, they might never have made this list.

Battle 6: Chuck Norris Facts vs. YTMND

Who’s harder? Chuck Norris or Sean Connery? James Bond vs. Walker, Texas Ranger? One is an endless stream of facts, the other a five-word sentence that delivers the goods. Who will win? You decide!

Battle 7: Dramatic Chipmunk vs. Rage Comics

Woodland creatures vs. existential crisis both made funny dominate this bout which features the stinging joy of Dramatic Chipmunk squaring off against Rage Comics. Depth of feeling rules the day, but there can only be one…

Battle 8: Star Wars Kid vs. O RLY?

Overly extroverted spazzy kid with a fake lightsaber, or detached snow owl with an attitude problem? That’s the choice we offer in this MEMEFIGHT battle, which pits Star Wars Kid vs. O RLY? in a battle to the bracket-based death.

Battle 9: Double Rainbow vs. Old Spice Guy: Isaiah Mustafa

Think of what would happen if Double Rainbow Guy and Old Spice Guy joined forces! It would be the triumph of the century! All the way! However, we are forcing you to choose between them as Double Rainbow takes on Isaiah Mustafa in this MEMEFIGHT battle.

Battle 10: Bed Intruder/Antoine Dodson vs. Hamster Dance

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Hide your…hamsters? Antoine Dodson has some very serious advice for you, while the hamsters just want to dance as we throw Bed Intruder vs. Hamster Dance to the internet wolves for voting.

Battle 11: All Your Base vs. Christian Bale Rant

The genesis of Engrish as we know it goes head-to-head with one of the great Hollywood temper tantrums of all time in this battle, and it seems too close to call right from the outset.

Battle 12: Goatse vs. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Good vs. Evil? Not exactly. More like nasty vs. ebullient, as the unmentionable joy of Goatse takes on the groovy joy of Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Hard to call? You bet.

Battle 13: Chocolate Rain vs. Pedobear

It’s the man with the teddy bear’s voice vs. the teddy bear with a curious predilection as Tay Zonday and his ‘Chocolate Rain’ tries to lay the smackdown on Pedobear.

Battle 14: Three Wolf Moon vs. Bill O’Reilly Do It Live

Three howling wolves on one of Earth’s greatest t-shirts vs. Bill O’Reilly freaking out about, among other things, Sting. It’s the sort of battle for which MEMEFIGHT was created, and it’s right here for you to vote on.

Battle 15: David After Dentist vs. Demotivational Posters

A young man on the trip of his life takes on a set of posters that are meant to inspire you to do…nothing. David After Dentist vs. Demotivational Posters in this epic Round 1 MEMEFIGHT battle.

Battle 16: Downfall Parodies vs. Sad Keanu

This might be the only occasion in which you will see Adolf Hitler squaring off against Keanu Reeves, as Sad Keanu takes on Downfall Parodies in a fight for the ages.

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