MEMEFIGHT: Round Three

MEMEFIGHT: Round Three

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Published Aug 16, 2011 at 02:41PM EDT by Don.

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Round Three, Fight!

It’s time for Round 3 of MEMEFIGHT, the month-long battle of Internet memes by G4’s Attack of the Show! Only 8 memes are left as we draw closer to the final battle crowning the best Internet meme of all time.

For more info on the voting process and panelists, visit the MemeFight homepage!

Battle 1: Rick Roll vs. Isaiah Mustafa

Our Elite 8 gets off to a rolling start as Rick Roll thunders into the third round to take on Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy, in this battle of actual people. Will Rick Astley make it to the Final Four? He’ll never give up, that’s for sure.

Battle 2: Leeroy Jenkins vs. Epic Fail

Epic Fail is perhaps the story of MEMEFIGHT, advancing from the 28th seed all the way to the Elite 8. Will it become an Epic 8, or will the power and might that is Leeroy Jenkins charge his way into the next round?

Battle 3: Demotivational Posters vs. Rage Comics

It’s an open world battle featuring the mad king of World of Warcraft, Leeroy Jenkins vs. a lover of children everywhere, the Pedobear, in this second round MEMEFIGHT matchup.

Battle 4: Keyboard Cat vs. Chuck Norris Facts

Two convincing wins make this matchup more than intriguing, as long-time Internet favorite Lolcats takes on the apathetic, but still strong Demotivational Posters, who sent David back to the Dentist in the first round.

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@Mr. Marrean
Would you please stop getting ponies in everything? This memefight is about other memes. Bringing ponies up in everything is exactly the kind of thing the haters don’t like about the fandom.
I’m trying to get over my resentment of this subculture, but you guys are making it really, really hard to do. I don’t want to hate you guys. I really don’t.
So can we just enjoy the video for what it is?


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