Memefight: Round Two

Memefight: Round Two

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It’s time for Round 2 of Memefight, the month-long battle of Internet memes by G4’s Attack of the Show! The first-round battles were carefully chosen from a list of over 200 well-known Internet memes and reviewed by the special panel of 16 experts, including the research staff at Know Your Meme! After compiling the panelists’ picks, the top 32 choices were averaged and weighted in rankings from 1 – 32. After duking it out, 16 memes are left to compete for the crown.

For more on the voting process and the panelists, visit the MemeFight homepage!

Battle 1: Rick Roll vs. Downfall Parodies

After effectively stomping Bert from Sesame Street, Rick Astley has a tougher foe on his hands as he takes on Adolf Hitler and his hilarious Downfall Parodies. Can Rick Roll keep rolling on?

Battle 2: Isaiah Mustafa vs. O RLY?

Isaiah Mustafa has a real-life battle on his hands vs. Fabio to see who’s the real Old Spice Guy, and a MEMEFIGHT battle against the incredulous snowy owl that asks O RLY? in our second round.

Battle 3: Leeroy Jenkins vs. Pedobear

It’s an open world battle featuring the mad king of World of Warcraft, Leeroy Jenkins vs. a lover of children everywhere, the Pedobear, in this second round MEMEFIGHT matchup.

Battle 4: Peanut Butter Jelly Time vs. Epic Fail

Having crushed Goatse in the first round, Peanut Butter Jelly Time takes on the upstart underdog from Round One, Epic Fail, in the second round. Will the dancing banana take the day, or will it be an epic upset?

Battle 5: Lolcats vs. Demotivational Posters

Two convincing wins make this matchup more than intriguing, as long-time internet favorite Lolcats takes on the apathetic, but still strong Demotivational Posters, who sent David back to the Dentist in the first round.

Battle 6: Bed Intruder / Antoine Dodson vs. Rage Comics

You might be able to hide your kids and wife, but rage is much harder to surpress, especially as Rage Comics upset Dramatic Chipmunk in the first round to earn a spot against the powerhouse that is Antoine Dodson.

Battle 7: Keyboard Cat vs. Bill O’Reilly Do It Live

Here’s a fun one. Keyboard Cat and Bill O’Reilly have teamed up in the past, as these two memes made one awesome matchup. However, their symbiotic relationship will be put to the test as they square off against each other in MEMEFIGHT’s Round of 16.

Battle 8: All Your Base vs. Chuck Norris Facts

All Your Base comes off an impressive win over Christian Bale and his on-set ranting, but will face off against the juggernaut that is Chuck Norris Facts, which soundly thumped YTMND to get to the second round. Who will win? Only you can decide!

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