Monthly Review: August 2010

Monthly Review: August 2010

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Monthly Review: August 2010

Search Interest

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson became an overnight sensation after brief appearance on a local newscast about a domestic crime investigation in northern Alabama. But unlike many accidental celebrities we’ve seen before, Antoine set himself apart with unflinching display of courage, showing everyone that you can make some great lemonade with lemons. Bonus info: famous people that were searched less times than Antoine in August 2010 include Nicolas Cage, Sisqo, Steven Seagal, Tom Green (Google trends).

Basil Marceaux

Basil Marceaux dot com is Republican candidate for governor in Tennessee’s 2010 election and also, the website for his campaign. Yet another case of local news segment gone viral, his nerve-wrecked crazy talk on Nashville’s NBC4 news brought him national attention through online gossips and mainstream media. Despite his innovative slogans like “VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE,” Mr. Marceaux finished in fifth place at the primary election on August 5th.

Interior Semiotics

Interior Semiotics is a performance video of an art school student conducting a series of unsettling and incoherent acts in front of an audience gathered in a room. Originally uploaded on YouTube in March, people started talking about the video on 4chan in early August, leading to a heated round of opinionated comments on whether this video is art or not art. Regardless, it is most notable for the high level of community disapproval: 10,000 do not wants vs. 900 wants.

Steven Slater

Steven Slater is a former JetBlue flight attendant who quit his job by activating the emergency exit slide and swooshing his way out of the airplane parked at JFK international airport. A hard-to-miss story for the mainstream media and discussion forums alike, Steven was dubbed a working class hero and the tale of Slater’s epic quit enjoyed international coverage throughout the rest of week.

Prancing Cera

Prancing Cera is an emerging photoshop trend based on a snapshot of Micheal Cera leaping across two elevated platforms by a dock; the image was taken and uploaded by Edgar Wright, the director of recently released Scott Pilgrim vs. The World starring Cera. Quite similar to the recent Sad Keanu extravaganza, Prancing Cera entails placing the exploitable image of the actor in a wide range of laughable situations and landmarks. In the span of seven days, FuckYeahPrancingCera tumblr accumulated over 750 instances.

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