Monthly Review: July 2010

Monthly Review: July 2010

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Monthly Review: July 2010

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Jessi Slaughter vs. 4chan

Jessi Slaughter and her dad’s super awk drama with anonymous trolls dominated the online buzz this month, and now consequences will never be the same. For all of us.

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow was the hottest viral video of the month--all the way! The hiker’s awe-struck monologue raked in a million views in the first day of mass circulation, reaffirming the undeniable appeal of rainbows on the internet.

Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu photoshop exploits continue on with printable papercraft and the recent spin off series “Sad Keanu in a Helmet.” 450+ images in the MemeDB.

Vuvuzelas: Bzzzzzzzzz

The global bzzzz surrounding the Vuvuzuelas dwindles in comparison to last month, following the closing ceremony of World Cup 2010 on July 12th.

Fuck Yeah Guy

F Yeah Guy is confident and doesn’t afraid of anything. A spin-off series of Rageguy toons, F Yeah comics celebrate some of the more trivial accomplishments in our day-to-day that are too often overlooked.

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