Top Ten Animals of 2012

Top Ten Animals of 2012

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Published Dec 12, 2012 at 08:12PM EST by amanda b..

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Though the internet is known for its fierce love of cats, 2012 brought some new furry, slimy and feathery friends into our internet lives. Throughout the year, many of these animals provided a daily dose of cute and a welcome distraction from our hectic everyday lives.

#10: Henri, Le Chat Noir

#9: Snoopy the Cat

#8: Chocolate Bird

#7: Bad Joke Eel

#6: Venus the Two Faced Cat

  • Real Name: Venus
  • Breakout: Facebook, August 14th, 2012
  • Specialty: Her black patch of fur straight down her face combined with two different colored eyes due to heterochromia makes this cat seem like a much fuzzier version of Batman villian, Two-Face. She enjoys cuddling, watching football and exploring cat condos.
  • Social Media Stats: Facebook: 87,357 Likes | YouTube: 1256 Subscribers
  • Celebrity Benchmark: Google Trends | (Longcat >Venus the Cat > Nora the Cat > Lenin Cat)

#5: Lil Bub

  • Real Name: Lil Bub
  • Breakout: Facebook, May 27th, 2012
  • Specialty: This tabby cat is a permakitten with several genetic mutations which have caused dwarfism, polydactylism and disformed lower jaw. She and her dude have used her popularity to help raise money for shelters and animals in need. She also enjoys the band Rush.
  • Social Media Stats: Facebook: 81,640 Likes | Instagram: 25,659 Followers | YouTube: 10,674 Subscribers | Twitter: 5382 Followers
  • Celebrity Benchmark: Google Trends | (Serious Cat > Limecat > OMG Cat > Lil Bub)

#4: “Oh You” Dog

  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Breakout: Reddit, March 4th, 2012.
  • Specialty: Despite the photo of this chubby dog looking upward at its owner being first uploaded in March 2009, it was not until March of this year when it became associated with two separate memes. After becoming associated with the Oh, You! exploitable image, the dog was used in a YouTube remix fad known as 6O163’s Dog.
  • Social Media Stats: N/A
  • Celebrity Benchmark: Google Trends | (Lawyer Dog > Oh You Dog = Riot Dog > Stoner Dog)

#3: Falling Bear

#2: IKEA Monkey

  • Real Name: Darwin
  • Breakout: Twitter, December 9th, 2012
  • Specialty: Wearing tiny shearling coats, escaping from his owner, successfully making it through IKEA without ordering Swedish Meatballs.
  • Social Media Stats: Twitter: 6613 Followers | Facebook: 2455 Likes
  • Celebrity Benchmark: Google Trends | (Nyan Cat > Keyboard Cat > Surprised Kitty = IKEA Monkey)

#1: Grumpy Cat

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