Top Ten Winners of 2012

Top Ten Winners of 2012

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Published Dec 12, 2012 at 06:24PM EST by Don.

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Editor’s Note: This article is part of Know Your Meme’s Top 10 Review looking back at some of the most memorable and popular memes, events and people that defined the Internet culture in 2012 as we know it. And brace yourselves, the grand finale list Best Memes of 2012 is coming soon!

Competition for our attention online was fierce this year, with a slew of athletes, artists, entertainers, politicians and other personalities attempting to promote themselves across the web. With the end of the year closing in, the Know Your Meme staff took a look back at some of this year’s biggest winners in social media and the mainstream Internet.

#10: Vermin Supreme

#9: Krispy Kreme

#8: Nate Silver

#7: Karen Klein

#6: Nicolas Cage

#5: Kim Jong Un

#4: Gabe Newell

#3: Andrew Hussie

#2: PSY

#1: Barack Obama

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