The Know Your Meme Sculpture Contest

The Know Your Meme Sculpture Contest

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Know Your Meme Sculpture Contest: An Illustrated How-To

Have you ever wanted to be a Mich-4chan-gelo or a Rodin-ternet? Maybe you want to be a Henry Moar? Well, now is your chance! Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to participate in the Know Your Meme sculpture contest!

Step 1: Decide What To Make

Pick any meme (KYM-related characters work too) to make a sculpture of. Be creative! Creativity is a key factor in the judging process so don’t be afraid to do something new and exciting.

Step 2: Prepare Materials & Assemble

What are you going to make your sculpture out of? Plasticine? Toothpicks? It’s up to you. If you want to make an Awesome Smiley out of leaves then go right ahead.

Step 3: Take a Timestamped Photo

This is a pretty easy step. Just remember to include a timestamp to prove that the art was made for the Know Your Meme Sculpture Contest.

For those who don’t know, a timestamp is a simple piece of paper that proves that the image is not an old one. Your timestamp could look like the example below or something different, but it must have “KYMSC 2010” on it.

Step 4: Send It In

This is another very important step in the process. When you have taken your picture and uploaded it to your computer, send it to the judges at Please do not attach your photo, instead, upload it to a free image hosting site like Photobucket, ImageShack or imgur and send the URL link to us.

This is what it looks and feels like sending emails

Other things you MUST include in your email are:

• Your KYM Username
• The Title of Your Sculpture
• Brief Description (it doesn’t need to be longer than a sentence)
• Whether or not you want your artwork to be posted on the Community Building Contest flickr account

If you’d like, you can also include short descriptions:

• Materials Used
• How You made It
• Why Your Sculpture Rules
• Praise in General


The prize will be discussed with the winner. Enter the challenge so you can win that thing you want! For more information or to tell us you want to sign in, swing by KYM forum’s Community Building Contest #2 thread right now!

Cover image credit: The Rageguy sculpture was created by CGHUB user SLiD3 and you can see the full image here.

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