Top 5 Deadpooled Memes

Top 5 Deadpooled Memes

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While Greg and James were busy busting out all the new bells and whistles, Brad, Don, and I had some time to kill.

After browsing through the Deadpool for way too long, chuckling at some hidden gems, we decided to highlight some of our favorite Deadpooled entries.

  • Dragon Twister – This kid is awesome. It’s like if the Star Wars kid had no shame.

  • Super Robot Jesus – This is a classic example of a submission from someone who has fully missed that the point of the site is to document existing memes. Oh, schadenfreude!

  • Dragons Having Sex With Cars – One of the more disturbing memes, this meme is definitely notable enough today to remove from the deadpool.

  • Butthurt – While it may have origins outside of the Internet, many agree that this word has a significance presence in certain online communities.

  • Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend – Yes viral videos can be memes. Some memes happen to have derivatives, some don’t.

  • Some of these memes should definitely be resurrected from the Deadpool and brought back to Submissions, as long as there are researchers willing to take up the task of fixing up the entries. Others, like Super Robo Jesus, are perfect Deadpool material.

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