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Captain  Blubber
Captain Blubber

Trends or a meme, eh?


It looks an awful lot like a trend because people are using it for what is was intended to do. Make chirpy music.

Now if people used it for some sort of Mario Paint battle or hacked it to have human voices or something crazy like that, you know, using it out of it’s original context. That would make it a meme for sure.

Also, everything Chris said.

Oh, and try to find as many of Yatta’s 6 meme points as possible.

1) Viral Spread: search results, social media mentions, forum posts, route of spread.
2) Point of Origin: Find out where the meme first appeared and provide proof that it spread beyond its original subculture.
3) Derivatives: Existing volume of spoofs, mashups, remixes, parodies, recontextualizations, and re-enactments. Is it mutating?
4) Appearance in Memetic Hubs: Websites and communities that have been made famous for spreading and culturing memes.
5) Organic / Forced Memes: Was the meme spread peer to peer or was it astroturfed? Even astroturfed phenomena can become memes.
6) Spin-offs / Sub-memes: Many memes spawn entire trees of sub-memes.

Hope that helps.


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