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Kung Fu Cthulhu
Kung Fu Cthulhu

in reply to Doshan

Yes. It’s a Xenomorph that’s blind (even though they don’t have eyes, just roll with it) and can explode. I find the way that this thing waddles to be creepily adorable.

This was actually from one of the better parts of that game – it was essentially a survival-horror section instead of mindlessly shooting things. I think Gearbox could’ve made a better game had Sega not rushed them.

Necro910:  That Krieger Dude
Necro910: That Krieger Dude

in reply to Kung Fu Cthulhu

Most xenomorphs actually can detect light and vaguely see (mostly just shadows, silhouettes, and shapes) through the dome-ish flat part of their head, but their primary sense is smell. This is why you can vaguely see allies and enemies through walls as a xeno. They should have said that they can’t smell due to the sewer conditions, or due to their overabundant acid.

Gearbox conned Sega out of a ton of money by barely working on this game and putting the money into Borderlands 2. Just so that the deadline could be met, another developer (I forget which one) had to work on it as well. Because the game was made so quickly (7 months or something) with almost no money, it turned out the way it did.

Kung Fu Cthulhu
Kung Fu Cthulhu

in reply to Dickcheese

I can get why they had a share of the blame, but Sega forced them to include all of the sections with the mercenaries to appeal to the Call Of Duty crowd (groan). Plus, I’ve heard that the downloadable content for the game is actually better than the main game itself, so that’s a sign that the game could’ve been better with time.


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