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Natsuru Springfield
Natsuru Springfield

Comeing up with some guidlines for what characters can make it into the RPG and characters as bosses.

a) Characters must be a part of a meme or closely related to it, (so sorry, nothing like Persona unless it is related to the characters attack.)
b) The more memes the character is associated with, the later in the game you fight them.
-For example: Seto Kaiba has two memes associated to him (Abridged Seires and Enemy Controller), thus you wouled fight him before Link, who has many memes (CDI, Exuuuuuuse Me Princess, Newfags Can’t Triforce, Its Dagerous to go alone, Hey Listen, Ect) accociated with him.
-This Rule is Exempt from obvioius memes that are obvious, then we shall judge them by the power they seem to have or their popularity. (Vegeta, Old Spice Man, Leroy Jenkins, Sad Keanu, ect, fall under this catigory.)
-“Appeared in Youtube Poop” meme only applies to the CDI, Super Mario Super Show, I.M. Meen, and Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon characers, otherwise any person couled be a meme.
c) The Rival in this game will either be a KYM user team or somebody like Garry MotherEFFing Oak. (Despite the fact I want to keep Pimpen Ed in this game, I changed my mind on makeing him the rival.)
d) NPC characters has no limit as long as they apply to rule number one, but their importance depends on the role they play online. (Advice Dog being the Tutorial person, ect)

I wrote this at school, so Ill be moveing this to the Script later.


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