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Jackal Lantern
Jackal Lantern

Yeah, people have been a bit harsh to you. At least you’re trying to do better, so I can respect that. Just stick to the advice people have given ya and things should set themselves right. Hell, S.K. got the same welcome as you pretty much, and he’s got more karma than a LOT of other folks on KYM.

And I didn’t imply anything more than dating in my comment to Katie Sparkle. The physicality was the machination of your own imagination (you dirty-minded decapod). Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking on your part? LOL. But if it makes my joke funnier, by all means, keep thinking it’s sexual. :P

Also, pardon me for intruding on your discussion with Ashbrony, but… episode 20? Really? You pick a random episode, and it just happens to be the most girly one there is. They’ve fought hydras, dragons, and manticores, and out of all that shit, you pick the one with the fucking fashion show. What are the chances… (also, Rarity is a unicorn, not pegasus, just saiyan)


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