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Homey  Money
Homey Money


DO check the database for possible duplicate entries before starting an entry. If an entry already exists, your entry will be marked invalid.

DO explain clearly what the meme is, who, when, where and how it was started, where it has spread to and when applicable, how it has changed over time.

DO provide related statistics and analytics data, such as keyword search volume, reblog counts and view counts.

DO cite your sources by providing hyperlinks to relevant external websites at the bottom of the entry.

DO write your entry like Party Hard.


DO NOT create an entry for the sake of launching your original creation.

DO NOT write in the first-person perspective or editorialized opinions.

DO NOT use hyperbolic statements, ex: “the latest, bestest, awesomest meme OMG!”

DO NOT write your entry like Super Robo Jesus.

>inb4 Gaben


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