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I used to be many things. I used to be the savior and the destroyer. The enlightened and the angst. The great and the lowly. The one who declared war for peace, and the one who declared peace for war. The lust and the revulsion. The greed and the humble. The glutton and the slim. The tall and the short. I held the world in my palm, and dropped it to the endless bounds. I lit stars and froze oceans. I tasted the sweet of victory and the bitter of defeat. I went back in time so I could go forward again. I planted a million trees and set rainforests ablaze. I separated Nations to bring them together, and made peace between continents so I could rip them apart. I rocketed to the sky and crashed to the ground. I melted the north and froze the south. I endorsed the friends that tore nations asunder, and supported the nations that ripped their people apart. I lived where the Dinosaurs once roamed and settled in the future that will soon be. I used to be all these and many, many more, but I have only been on KYM for about 20 days. You probably do not recognize me because of that fact.


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