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Why the fuk are people calling Frozen out for being racist?
It’s based on a nordic (Danish) story (Snedronningen), that’s over 200 years old.
The original story features no people “Of colour”

Whitewashing would be making Aladin or Lilo white.

Can someone please post that Tumblr post…


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It reminds me of this “controversy” from Thor.

Where people were accused of being racist for pointing out that this does not make any fucking sense. I never read the comics before I saw the movie, so I didn’t even know there was a disparity. In mythological terms though, this is just silly.


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yeah I never had any complaints about the movie. I thought he was quite fitting. Also I knew literally nothing about Thor, so I had no expectation either way.

Just the whole… “you’re racist if you don’t believe there were Africans in Norse legend” thing.


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