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Flare Dancer
Flare Dancer

You think your childhood was bad? Compare it to mine and we’ll see who had it worse. I was kicked out of my house before I was even 12 years old. My mom didn’t say why, but I think it’s because she has the hots for the town doctor, and wanted me out of the way. So here I am, not even 12, and I’m already on the streets. Not even a week in, I picked up this creepy asian dude in his 30s or something, who I’m pretty sure was only using me to pick up chicks.
But it wasn’t all bad. I had this other person following me, a girl a couple of years older. Damn, she was a total nymph. Redheaded, constantly beating up both of us, and she really liked getting herself wet.
But then there’s this creepy old couple that follow me fucking everywhere. You know, the kind that wear matching outfits and finish each other’s sentences. Fucking disgusting, but their cat is, if anything worse.
I’ve been getting into fights everywhere I go. Sometimes I fight people older than me, sometimes all we have to do is make eye contact and we’re already going at it. I swear, the only thing keeping me going is my dream to become a Pokemon Master.


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