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You’re trolling the whole site. I’m calling you pseudo-furries what you are. You are (probably) not little girls, you are (probably) grown-ass men clusterbombing the shit out of a meme-documentation site like it’s your own personal pony playground. Ponies MIGHT be a meme, but a poor one, given the definition of a meme, and enough is enough. This is a site about memes, not a site about internet sub-cultures. KYM didn’t tolerate this sort of behaviour from furries; how you people scored preferential treatment flabbergasts me. Including every iteration of background characters and calling it a meme would be like submitting every background Simpsons character as a meme – last I heard, Milhouse is NOT a meme, so why should individual characters merit retarded unjustified entries? You guys aren’t bothering to submit as a sub-meme and you’re ruining the entire purpose of the site. If you idiots can’t behave here, go back to whatever pony-fan sites exist and let KYM regain some semblance of relevance again. Were you people paid by Hasbro or something? Do you buy the toys? Are they still in their original packaging?


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