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Xelus Shnider
Xelus Shnider

Meh, I’ve been better.
You see, Rainbow Dash is my favorite Mane Cast Pony, but when it comes to background ponies (When I say background ponies, I mean those in the background and don’t have much screentime, so it includes Octavia and DJ P0N-3) is DJ P0N-3/ also known as Scratch, Vinyl Scratch. And lately I’ve been seeing a huge spike of videos being uploaded of other DJ ponies, manely of the mane cast. Only Scratch can really pull off the job of DJ, that’s kinda why the cutie mark is what it is. The rest just seem weird and out of place.
Take Fluttershy for an example, her DJ varient has her looking way too confident. As much as I am for confident, it just looks soooo out of character. As for somepony like Rainbow, she just seems weird, she doesn’t have a huge grin on her face, and her hair movement when she nods/head bobs is just way off. Where as with the lot of the ponies, the shades on them just don’t have the flair like they do on Scratch.

I love Scratch, dislike increase of other ponies as DJ’s


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