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Xelus Shnider
Xelus Shnider

Well, just so you know a little about me, I’ll answer my own questionnaire.
>How am I
… How am I? HOW AM I!?!!??! Well tomorrows the last day of school, and I only have to stay till 9 AM. So I think fairly well.
Depends on what I get out of all this…
>Favorite Mane Cast Pony.
Rainbow Dash!
>Favorite Background Pony
I’d say DJ P0N-3 if she was actually in the background… But since she’s never back there, I’d also go with Derpy with a close followup by Lyra (The laziness appeals to me soooo)
>Favorite MLP song
Art of the Dress
Also Male…. Would it kill to know of a female that watches such a manly show?


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