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Alright, let me put it like this:

Saying something about ponies (Or any topic) Once in a thread that isn’t about it is certainly not spam. Saying about it twice? Acceptable. Three times? Starts to get annoying. TEN TIMES AND IT’S SPAM.

Now, the “Meme ABCs” Thread was in no way about ponies, yet the first page is about 75% pony, and the second about 30% pony. When ponies have completely thread-jacked a thread, they become annoying. Now, to top it off, everyone has to make ponies the top trending on EVERYTHING. Images, trending bar, featured memes, everything. So, when doing this, it chokes out all of the other memes and makes ponies the first thing we see when we come to KYM. If you don’t personally like the show or ponies in general, you don’t want one of the top sites you go to with a MLP:FiM skin, do you?

I made a rant on that thread about a new rule of ponies because:

A) It’s just adding to the critical mass of ponies on this site.

B) She was, when you think about it, trying to spread ponies EVEN FURTHER.

Look, I know you adore ponies, and that MLP:FiM is a favorite show, but please, stop shoving it down the throat of KYM. This is a site for documenting memes and memetic persons, events, and subcultures, not for documenting Pinkie Pie and Derpy’s heads pasted over hypnotoad.


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