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Wow you actually got it to work? I downloaded it during the free weekend as well, and my PC more than meets the recommended specs, but the damn game kept crashing the moment a match started no matter what my graphics settings were. I deleted it almost right away and played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon instead.

Yeah Infinity Ward no longer seems to care about the PC players, and they never gave a crap about Nintendo gamers either, Treyarch’s always had to pick up the slack there by doing Wii ports of Modern Warfare and the Wii U port of Ghosts. I was actually kinda disappointed to hear that Sledgehammer is making the new one, since Treyarch seems to be the only CoD developer that actually cares about trying to add some innovation to a franchise that’s become infamous for having a lack of it (mainly from IW’s games; I don’t hate the campaigns in MW2 and 3, but they didn’t really do much to advance the series like MW1 did).

If the order from now on is Infinity Ward -> Sledgehammer -> Treyarch then CoD’s not gonna be a yearly series for me anymore, more like “every three years” so long as Treyarch keeps doing what they did with the Black Ops games in terms of adding new stuff to each game they make.


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