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Ms. Fortune
Ms. Fortune

in reply to Sam

I was gonna question that at first too, until I realized that what it’s showing are video games that were set in various US states. A large majority of games from Nintendo take place in fantasy worlds, and the few that take place in the real world usually are in Japan or somewhere else (or in the case of a game like Pikmin, it’s hard to tell where exactly you are since the maps in games like Pikmin 3 seem to indicate a lot of continental drift has occurred in the time between human extinction and the evolution of Pikmin as living plant creatures).

So no it’s not anti-Nintendo bias, it’s just that no Nintendo games take place in a US state (well to be fair the original Mario. Bros arcade game apparently took place in New York sewers, but after that Mario games became well known for taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom, a fantasy environment that’s been the main setting for most of the series since the 80s).

Ms. Fortune
Ms. Fortune

in reply to DatFeelix64

he original Mother is said to be set just “somewhere in the United States.” Earthbound/Mother 2 says it takes place in “Eagleland,” a parody of the US (and maybe a slight retcon for the first game too since they’re supposed to share a setting), but Mother 3 is set in a place called “Nowhere Islands.” But yeah, even with the parody US setting, no specific state is ever given in the first two games.


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