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Unit 2357
Unit 2357

in reply to Midna Is Mai Waifu (MIMU)

I was monitoring the situation prettymuch hour-by-hour on the BBC website whenever shit was looking really bad, although I’ve only been checking the developments once-a-day since about last Sunday, when things started to calm down a bit.
Personally, I think that the referendum is a sham.

Feb 17 2014:
Armed, organised, Russian/ Pro-Russian forces seize Crimean Parliament building. Hours later, the Crimean parliament hold an emergency meeting where they prettymuch unanimously vote for a new, very Pro-Russian Prime Minister. The fairness of that vote is very questionable, IMO.

In the last week or two:
Russian forces disarm and surround the bases of Ukrainian armed forces in Crimea, journalists become increasingly targeted by pro-Russian individuals, Pro-Russian forces effectively cut off access to the peninsula via Ukraine and turn back international observers sent by NATO to assess the situation.
As well as this, pro-Russian individuals can protest for Russian assimilation with armed protection, meanwhile pro-Ukrainian individuals are attacked and beaten if they protest against assimilation,
We’re supposed to believe that the vote tomorrow is going to be fair.

Unit 2357
Unit 2357

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I say Russian forces and not Pro-Russian milita because they are using Russian uniforms, Russian-registered vehicles, well-maintained Russian weapons (which is indicative of a professional force and not a militia), and they are very well-organised (again indicative of a professional force). The only thing which does not demonstrate that they are Russian forces is the absence of a Russian insignia, and the fact that Putin says that there are no ongoing Russian military operations in Crimea, and that these people just happen to have ‘similar’ (I think he must mean identical) uniforms.


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Ukraine does have (many) shitty governments but it isn’t THEIR fault exactly. The country has fallen victim to both Putin trying to use Ukraine as projection of Russia through puppet governments and the West trying to cockblock Russian influence on european clay by sponsoring shady groups, bribing corrupt assholes and choosing the cheap way of doing this (by promoting violence and russophobia instead of competing Russia’s investments in Ukraine).


in reply to Blargity

Though they already had a lease to have up to 25000 troops on Crimean clay on account of their long standing deal with Ukraine on keeping the Russian Fleet in the Black Sea, whether or not Putin has sent in VDV/Spetsnaz on the least covert black-ops mission in history is still unconfirmed. And probably will be as Moscow keeps shtum on it all.
Doesn’t make Kerry any less of a fucking hypocrite though:
“Guise you shouldn’t invade countries illegally, that’s wrooong”


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