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Sorry to be nosy but I saw what you posted on Xelus’s wall and want to go ahead and tell you what i do besides ponies! I am mostly a gamer I have a alienware so I mostly play pc games but I have a Xbox and play halo sometimes. I am a huge star wars fan even though the series’s is slowly dying… ,,
My Favorite tv shows besides mlp are Tosh.0 and Its always sunny in Philadelphia, I am a old animation fan I love the art work that’s my fatal flaw lol but i don’t normally watch cartoons! The type of music I listen to is metal but ill listen to almost anything besides country! ~
~ I am also a computer geek…it runs in the famliey I am mostly a hardware dude but i can also do “some” programming and I am a really good at Photoshop and premiere!

I didn’t mean for it to get that long sorry! XD


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