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Ticklechap Crispybottom
Ticklechap Crispybottom

This problem will never be solved as long as there are 13 year olds on facebook. Usally when I talk about something meme-related IRL I just call it a ‘thing on the internet’, because otherwise people think I’m talking about rage comics or advice animals.
Reminds me of people who wear Pink Floyd or Beatles shirts without being a fan of the band. Learn to have some damn respect for internet culture, damnit.
Just the other day I saw a rage comic face misused of all things…makes me die a little.

ivди тдвтov
ivди тдвтov

in reply to Ticklechap Crispybottom

i don’t see many beatles or floyd shirts around, but stones shirts, especially those with the sticked out tongue, were incredibely popular some time ago.
so yeah, i was pissed off and it was kind of a similar kind of pissed off than like i see 12 year olds in rageface shirts, or them spouting meymeys they have no idea about and horribly misuse irl or on facebook.

Ticklechap Crispybottom
Ticklechap Crispybottom

in reply to Abodeer

Well, I was being a bit overdramatic, but my point stands.
It’s like being a Pokémon fan and someone claims to be a fan, when he has only played Red/Blue and has seen the Anime back in the day.
It’s frustrating because you know more about it. And yes, it’s something insignificant in life and internet culture is for everyone, but it just sucks when everybody’s trying to jump on to some in-joke.


in reply to Mandalor

There’s no set “look”. It’s just that when I see really young middle- and high-school kids wearing Beatles / Pink Floyd apparel, especially when accompanied with clothing that has tons of other pop-culture things on it, I have to question whether they’re actually into the bands or are they just wearing it for fashion. I’m not saying it’s impossible for younger people to be into those bands (I was, after all) , but I’m just skeptical in that situation.


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