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im not really sure whats the point of this fad.
is it to be proud of your sexual life or simply brag that you got some?

all i can say is sex sure doesnt look like something intimate and personnal anymore with this. More like an other way to get attention and “likes”.


in reply to Nano

It’s just another form of attention whoring. The whole concept of this is the same as couples that are dubiously conspicuous with their public affections, so as to demonstrate to other couples how much better their courtship is than that of others

It’s always been my experience that those who have to proclaim their satisfaction to others in such a public manner is really an attempt to convince themselves that they are pleased with their relationship when they may not be. Otherwise it’s a pointless exercise to convince others that they should envy them.

TL;DR – Don’t feed attention whores attention, get your own sex, and hopefully this fad will fade away.


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