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Only like this: 02/11/20. It doesn’t matter if that’s dd/mm/yy, or mm/dd/yy. Of course, you can have like 02/1/20, 02/2/20 etc, but why would the month be with a zero but the day not? So pretty much only the 02/11/20. And then in 2021 with dd/mm/yy there’s 12/1/21, 12/2/21, and so on, and with mm/dd/yy there’s 12/1/21 – 12/9/21 and 12/11/21 and 12/22/21. In 2022 with dd/mm/yy 22/1/22, 22/2/22, to 22/9/22, but nothing with mm/dd/yy.


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