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Now, let’s get something straight: Straight people can be attracted to trans men(women, but only if they went trought full sex change. If they for example look like a women but still have male “equipment”, and a man feels atracted to them despite knowing that, he’s not straight. Nothing wrong at all with him feeling attracted to her, but he’s not straight. I say this because I once read an article written by a trans woman about how most cis people seem to get offended and feel deceived if they start dating and aren’t informed of the trans condition beforehand; Most of the article was well written, but this was a part where I realized that the problem was indeed with the trans person and not the others: If you kiss a cis man or woman, get romantically involved, or even get farther withouth informing them, you do ARE deceving them; maybe it’s not your intention, but you are still doing so, because you are making they be with a gender they aren’t attracted to under the impression of it being a different gender. It’s not about discrimination, I’ts about you being irrespetous to their sexuality; saying that not dating trans people is discrimination is like saying that for a straight man not dating another men is discrimination: Is NOT. So, I know you guys already have a hard time and all, but please try to remember this.

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Necro910: That Krieger Dude

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This is a bit of an interesting topic, as someone might just be only sexually attracted to the sex and not the gender, or only be attracted to the (perceived) gender and not the sex. Oftentimes it will only be a certain gender/sex combination, such as a cis male, while a trans female will not be considered attractive, or a trans male will not. Something else related is that someone’s romantic attractions might not necessarily be the same as their sexual attractions, most apparent with asexuals that are heteroromantic, homoromantic, etc. and not aromantic.

Just food for thought.


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I’m late, but this is wrong. If you’re a man attracted to a woman who presents herself as a woman, then you’re straight, regardless of whether any particular woman is cis or trans, because the female sex/gender cues is what turns you on. If it was the “equipment” in particular that aroused you vs. women without said “equipment” then there may be something else going on here, but you still wouldn’t be not-straight unless you weren’t exclusively attracted to women.

People fapping to pictures on the internet know the things on the screen aren’t actually real people (sure there were real people being photographed at one point, but what the viewer is seeing isn’t actually them, it’s a collection of pixels on a screen), but it still turns them on because it gives the presentation of a person they’re attracted to. They aren’t “pixel-sexual”, they’re whatever sexuality applies to them being turned on by the presentation of what they’re seeing (e.g. if it’s presented as a woman and they’re a man, they’re straight/bi; if it’s presented as a woman and they’re a woman, they’re gay/bi; etc). I hope that makes sense.

>you are making they be with a gender they aren’t attracted to under the impression of it being a different gender

Not true. A transman, for example, is of the male gender, so if he’s presenting as male he isn’t deceiving anyone of what gender he is, any more than a cisman presenting as male is.


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