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Greg McCoral
Greg McCoral

I’ll stop “attacking” you when you’ll stop being some kind of a retard on the forum.
It’s the same way Chris tried to argue with Real Genius about his fucking pointless bumping behavior.

Is it that hard to understand ?
One time, it’s kind of funny.
Two time, well yeah fine.
Three time ? Dude come one…

You’re bored ? You have no friend to harass with jokes ? You have no other websites to flood on for fun ?
This forum wasn’t meant to be drown by tons of one-liner posts that have barely a link to their topic of origin and I didn’t suscribe to this website to have 100 email notifications a day with posts like “LOL” “Oh My gawd”, “+1 !” and so on.

On the other hand, if it was only from time to time, let’s say one, possibly two “funny” (because no, you’re not fucking funny nor lulzy half when you get to much into it) messages a day, never would I’ve “attacked” you.

Tomberry posted this on my wall when i asked him to stop saying bad things about me is there anything you can do?


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