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Chris Menning
Chris Menning

The thing that sucks about this is either one of these two things is true:

A) The person who uploaded it to Youtube is lying about finding it on Myspace (The Youtube vid came 1 month prior, in September)


B) There may have been other instances of this video uploaded to Myspace before, but they have all been deleted.

We can’t really say either way.

But what came before either of these was the Dougsploitation blog post. The blog is written in a way that suggests that the reader should already know who Sonseed is, implying that at least his readers were already aware of the video. That’s how it reads to me anyway.

So we have 2 things to look at here:

1. Has the Dougsploitation blog mentioned Sonseed before this? Maybe the posted the video in a prior post.

2. What’s the absolute earliest mention we can find of Sonseed on the Web? Since they’re a REALLY obscure group from the 70’s they might not have been mentioned prior to their video being uploaded somewhere.


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