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Coontail Storm
Coontail Storm

Description: In 2011 in the human world a local texas teenager named Andrew Walker was an average man, living with his father and his sister, was one day
chasing a racoon off his front porch. After capturing the racoon, Andrew walked home to have his dad deal with the racoon. But, suddenly, he stomped on the
ground after a racoon bit him, a trap door opens. Next thing that happened he is sucked through a long and loopy underground tube that transports him to
a completly diffrent universe, a world full of…you guessed it…PONIES!!! But during the journey Andrew slid across Ponyville and fell off a small cliff located
on the outskirt of town. landing on his head Andrew blacked out. Ranbow Dash and Applejack was there at the time, shocked and baffled about how a human
could enter Equestria, they take his unconscience body to the Ruler Of Equestria, Princess Celestria, realizing that Andrew could not be returned back to his home
universe, because the US government has already declared him dead after the racoon was tested positive for rabies, Princess Celestia decided to have him
healed from his racoon bite, ant then, through magic, potions, and other means, transformed him into a pegicorn (unicorn and pegasus combined.) and left the
resonsibility of welcoming him to Equestria to Rainbow Dash, since Rainbow is a pegasus
[see next post for continuation]


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