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Dontmess withme has A nine word name
Dontmess withme has A nine word name

Hello, Katie.
I would like to appologise for some of my behavior on the KYM RPG thread:
1. I’m sorry that I rashly replied “sez who?” when you told me I was not going to be in the game. It was immature, unnecessary, and not reflective of my character. First impressions are important, and I have made a bad one.
2. I’m sorry for insisting that I had a chance to be in the game. Several of my posts made it sound like I had a sure ticket, and that was not what I was trying to express.
3. I hope that any tension between us can be relieved, and that we can be friends (or at least be able to not hate on each other)
I promise in the future to think before I post.


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