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3. Do not flood. “Flood” is a term used to describe the rapid submission of a large quantity of redundant information. Examples: Posting the same thread multiple times; Posting several times in the same thread within a short period of time (double-, triple-, quadruple-posting and beyond); Posting the same content repeatedly on the same user area or a different user area (repeat comments, spamming comment threads or forum threads, etc).
4. Do not attempt to evade a ban. Using a proxy, changing your IP address, or other means of evading a ban in order to make a new account after you have been banned is strictly prohibited.
Use common sense when posting. If you have nothing to say on a particular subject, simply skip the topic and move on. The other users may be irritated by your intrusion.
5. Please be nice. We want Know Your Meme to be a pleasant, welcoming community for both new and old users.


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