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Katie C.
Katie C.

[20:50] hey
[20:50] did anyone else notice that the admins are terrible at their jobs

[22:07] OGW, I’m sorry. I don’t care if I continue arguing with him. He is an ex mod you said, right? He shouldn’t act this way and shouldn’t even have his mod powers anymore

[22:06] Also, if that is chris, fuck him for spamming threads.

[22:09] If he spams the fucking site, he’s a dick.
[22:09] If he spams the fucking site, he’s a dick.

[22:42] He actually said he was testing people 12 days ago
[22:42] In that thread that Tristan made
[22:42] That’s when the problem started with him

[23:51] I think we should leave it up to the admins.
[23:52] Dose pussies

[23:54] It still shouldn’t have happened
[23:54] There are other ways to screen people
[23:54] For example, watch them in the forums normally
[23:54] Don’t take things into your own hands
[23:55] “oh herp derp ima troll, u mad, no? Ok then you’re a mod now.”

[23:55] I think it’s a really stupid way to screen people.

[23:55] this is a GREAT way to screen mods

[23:57] I bet Chris was Tommy Mims

By the way, Lanthus and Tristan are pissed, too. I’m quite sure Drpepperfan and attheshows are also pissed.


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