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Katie C.
Katie C.

Now that I look back at everything, you really owe me (and everyone else an apology)

Remember that time I used my spare account from the 711chan raids to do a community experiment to see how long people would take to realize that it was me? You considered it irresponsible. Wasn’t your sockpuppet a community experiment on the level of “total douchebag”? Also, you cite me for using Pat Sajak to reinforce my statements when you’re doing the same thing? Besides, it’s not like it’s a big secret that I’m Pat Sajak, and it’s not like its primary purpose is to fuck with people. Speaking of which, a lot of your posts were personal attacks. Also, I made my threads so that there would be less crap on the forums. Right now, there’s less crap on the forums. It wasn’t for contributions. And besides, even if it was a community experiment, you were still a troll. You filled the forums with more crap than I ever have.

And it’s not like I’m the only one that disagrees with you.


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