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in reply to Tentacles

She did make it clear she had no problem with males watching, and was in fact happy to have them in the audience.

Jeez there’s a lot of weird stereotypes about Fedoras. Any hated group – hipsters, MRAs, bronies – is said to be wearing them. No-one provides evidence (you ever seen Erin Pizzey in one?) but it’s said and that means it’s true.

Well, I don’t have one.. i think i’d have to get one imported if i really wanted one and i couldn’t say they were the best hat for this climate – but humphrey bogart wore one, and i think he managed to look ok.

Unless he was a secret Brony Time-Traveller?!! Da Dahh Dahhhh!


in reply to bcaton

She did indeed, cause really, what could be wrong with it? She wanted something that the whole family could enjoy. But at the end of the day what she wanted the most was a show for girls that didn’t live of the sterotipical eternal tea parties, and just bye doing that it’s enough to make it enjoyable for the rest of the family anyway.


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