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Eh, I don’t really get the issue with fanfiction. It’s another way in which someone can try their talents with already established rules and characters. Really, it wouldn’t be a bad starting point for someone who genuinely wants to learn how to write good stories. That is… if said fiction you were fanning about had good story and characters to begin with…

And yeah, that only goes for those who don’t spam badly written romances about their fiction crush and their OC Marian Susan.

slowly deletes OC romance fanfics…

ivди тдвтov
ivди тдвтov

in reply to Icecane

well, it does gve me the cringes when i read something that wouldn’t be terrible if they would write in “normal” english. not talking about incorrect english like grammar or wrong use of words/ poor translation or poor writing in general (which is understandable and i generally do not hate on such fanfiction), but interspersing the text with ohio gonzo’s mass, hai, desu, ANIKI, gomeen, k h awaii, chansankunseinsei, who the fuck actually talks like that. and of course the whole CO mary sue i fantasise how i’d bang my waifu/husbando section, as you already mentioned.


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