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Imagine what this must feel like for some countries or cultures. You have your own cultural and national pride to start with, and then somehow a foreign one comes in and starts to integrate itself into yours. Now you might be reject it at first or accept it, but imagine somehow it survives and fosters. You might finally start to accept it, but feel estranged when it gains priority. Past a certain point you have a problem when that foreign cultural starts to over-shadow your own, and the very meaning of assimilation starts to turn the other cheek on you. That ‘other’ now threatens to rewrite the whole of the what your homeland was before, to start a cultural revolution and challenge the status quo? In this case, it’s people looking at KYM and thinking the internet’s culture is mainly about Ponies. Which at this point may or may not be true.
Wouldn’t that country feel somewhat threatened that their ways of life, their former identity would become erased by pervasive? This has happened countless times throughout history and there’s never an easy way to resolve it. If you try to ‘purge’ it you look like some sort of militant purist. If you try to restrict it you’ll just seem conservative and rigid, and then you’re create fiction between you and ‘them’. And if you fully embrace, there’s a very low chance you’ll end up with ‘diversity’ if the dominating influence isn’t your own. But there’s still a chance.


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