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Chris Menning
Chris Menning

Being that I’m no longer a staff-member, what I’m about to say shouldn’t be taken as a reflection of Know Your Meme. I’m just speaking for myself.

If another user has a different opinion, often it’s you who starts the attack. When you do it in a meme research thread, it’s dumbfounding to me because you’ve done very little meme research ever.

You try to speak on behalf of Know Your Meme WAY too much. You speak as though you’re the authority of what Know Your Meme is for and about, but you’re mostly just trying to create a reputation that you haven’t worked for.

If all you want is the highest number of forum posts, then go for it. But when a new user shows up with ideas about memes that strike you as foreign and weird, you’ve gotta stop telling them that they’re wrong and that they need to leave. You need to stop telling people to leave the forums in general. Respect the fact that there will be differing opinions and differing personalities.

The amount of time that a person has been a KYM member has very little bearing on their understanding of internet memes if all they’ve done is post in forum games. Have respect for other users and I will act with respect toward you.


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