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Mangy Black Sheep
Mangy Black Sheep

I’m not an advocate hitting your kids, but if I catch any child doing this jadapose shit, I’m slapping them across the head.

We love to joke about SJWs for a lot of the laughable things they do, but when it comes to shit like this, I’m personally glad they’re around.


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aaaand then blame the problem on the cis/white/male/anything that’s convenient.

Though I will agree with you on that, it’s their followthrough and execution that sinks them.

I don’t like to hear that what these assholes did was the direct result of some male “entitlement” or “rape culture” that I as a white male have “created”.


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…I may have misinterpreted what you meant by the video….but surely you aren’t implying that what they imply is correct?

I mean, as you can see the vast majority of people, regardless of gender, see this as an atrocious act. What I don’t like is when someone comes around to point their fingers at me and say:

“You’re responsible for this!”

As if by existing, I am a component in a great big plot of the “Patriarchy” to downplay rape, make it socially acceptable, and turn women into objects.

Because, if you were to walk outside right now and ask the nearest person what they thought of rape they’d surely say
“Golly gee, it’s swell!”


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If you and I have the same type of SJW in mind, then I disagree. SJWs take it in the opposite direction. There are activists. They just want equality. They are feminists, humans rights activists,ect. They are genuinely good people and a positive force in the world.

Then there are SJWs. SJWs basically love to feel like a victim and blame/vent their frustrations on entire groups of people for the actions of a minority, if not outright hate those groups with a zeal the KKK would envy. As thegreato said, their initial intent/message is good, but the follow-through and execution is what separates activists from them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who calls themselves a SJW not act stereotypically. Not that I have massive exposure to them, but I think people who genuinely want equality in the world will call themselves by other names.

daigonite -  Breakfast in America
daigonite - Breakfast in America

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This is the problem I have with this whole “the SJWs did something right”! Sure, they exposed this asshole but what they are saying is completely and utterly wrong. They’re essentially claiming that all men are potential rapists based of of the actions of individuals, thus spreading the blame from rapists (less than 1% of men) to every man. That ain’t cool.


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