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“Hi. Most of your comments on every new entry just say +1 something. Do not feel offended but seriously I want to tell you that these comments do not represent any help at all.
If the comment is positive it would be nice from you to post images.
If you suggest that more work should be done, it would be nice if you contribute a little bit.
If the comment is negative, it would be nice from you to post the reasons why you think that entry should be sent to the deadpool.
You see, by stating the precise reason of your comment you help the poster to think which meme candidates he should submit and which not. If you just comment +1 DP or +1 confirm or +1 work you arent really contributing at all. (Except for +1 confirm because sometimes we need to see that more people actually know the meme.)
Also, posting +1 work in new memes is unnecessary when the meme’s entry is brand new. (The poster already know he should be submitting more info).”

I made a thread about this a long time ago and nobody seemed to listen.

Thank you for actually having a brain among this vast wasteland of stupidity known as the internet. I applaud you.


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