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Hello, people. I, along with a friend, discovered a massive glitch in Moonbase Alpha today which is related to this page.

If you type “EST PST CST MST EST PST CST MST” in the chat, then the text-to-speech generator of every user connected to the server will become corrupt, regardless of whether or not you are the host of the server.

This appears to be a temporary glitch, as my friend and I could fix our TTS by restarting the game (although one person claims that I “messed up his game forever” and that he “restarted the game and the computer” to no avail, so this may have even larger trolling potential!).

Basically, instead of “speaking” the text, after typing “EST PST CST MST EST PST CST MST” repeatedly, the TTS starts making incredibly loud blaring noises and tones. It’s hilarious. Pissed a lot of people off.

Go try it out! Its fucking awesome!


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