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I heard about that law the US might pass, Bill S. 978, if this happens and no one can upload copyright (videogame is really the main part) footage, I actually kind of want the government to get hacked for the rights of LPers and such, the government is just asking for it. Those people who want to pass that law have no idea of how the internet works.

Alongside that, you wouldn’t be able to upload really anything, period. If you look at any video, there is a chance they have at least one thing they could get in trouble with this with. Minecraft’s success was mainly built around the community and how the only term and copyright really was no piracy of the game itself. If they pass the law, sites like IGN, KYM and the rest of the cheezburger network would be shut down. Famous people like SeaNanners and the people at Machinima would be thrown in jail or fined.

Anon, you have my respect.


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