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Well, we more thought they would settle for total market share of web browsing and search engines (as well as toaster ovens).

Who knew they would bother trying for the world? It is usually more trouble than it is worth.

Player 1
Player 1

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Google. 6 letters, Google Chrome is a circle with 3 shapes and one ball. 6 × 3 = 666? 3 shapes, replace 3 shapes by 3 angles, make triangles. 1 ball. Ball = Eye. The eye is in the center of the triangle. (Google Chrome is Illuminati confirmed?) Ultron. 6 letter too. After all this shit, we all can say Ultron is probably Illuminati too. 2 Illuminati? 2 triangle = 1 diamond. A diamond with 2 eyes? If you break the diamond, Knuckles is mad. What happen when Knuckles get mad? He’s now on steroid. Sonic Boom. Sonic have 5 letters. Boom is 4 letters. 5 – 4 = 1. The world is waiting 1 game.

Half-Life 3 confirmed.


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I’m guessing they couldn’t register the name Virtucon because it was already taken. But yes, taking over the world might be the easy part. Now running it… Then again, megalomaniacs were never known for being reasonable.


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